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During the Korean War, the 43d Infantry Division was once again called into Federal service in September of 1950.  Around 3,000 troops from various 43d Division units were reassigned to different Divisions to supplement thier ranks. The remaining units of the 43d were to take  part in training at Camp Pickett, VA for the next year.
In October of 1951, the 43d Division joined the NATO Forces stationed throughout Germany from 1950 to 1953 attached to the U.S Seventh Army, Commander of U.S troops in Europe, Gen. Thomas T. Handy.  The 43d Division Commander at the time was Gen. Kenneth F. Cramer.  These pages are dedicated to the men and Units of the "Forgotten War".
On October 20, 1951, The U.S. boosts it combat force to five Divisions with the arrival of the 43d from New England.  It was the first National Guard division ever to be sent to Europe in peacetime.  The 28th Division from Pennsylvania would follow.
Gen. Handy said of the troops stationed in Germany, that they were there "To help deter Soviet aggression and to show the German people the United States is willing to protect and aid them in building a democratic nation."
On October 11, 1951, the 102nd Infantry Regiment, Cannon Company from Branford, Connecticut sailed from Newport News, VA aboard the Troop Transport USNS "General M. B. Stewart (T-AP 140).  The 43d Division (and the 28th Division) were assigned European duty during the Korean War as part of the NATO Forces, Germany.  I am still in the process of gathering information on the Germany tour of duty.
The following six photos of the102nd Infantry, Heavy Tank Company are courtesy of John E. Tyler
He is shown in photo #5 of this set in front of VAT-69 tank #11.
DuPont, on VAT-69 by barrel
October, 1951.  102nd Infantry Regiment crossing the Atlantic to Bremerhaven, Germany
The Danube river in Ulm, Germany
Tank #11-VAT-69.  One of the most photographed tanks of the 102nd Heavy Tank Company
Tyler, DuPont, Newton and Carpenter -  Germany
Tank Company barracks-
Sheridan Kaserne, Germany